Brian Chapman created FreshX ‘Spritz’ as a solution to the needless environmental problems caused by wipes especially so called ‘flushable’ wipes.

Outraged by the damage to marine life as well as the cost to home owners, local councils and water companies and a looming environmental disaster Brian had an idea! It was so simple he couldn't believe no one else was doing it. He innovated, created something that was kind to the environment but transformative, cleansing, soothing and better performing. FreshX ‘Spritz’was born. 

Brian took the finished product to Sainsbury's who snapped it up in an instant and made it available Nationwide.

Brian is a passionate advocate of the environment. He is currently the Chairman of the ‘Good for Life Charity, which he founded with the aim of making life better for communities living in poverty by empowering women to build a sustainable future for their children through healthcare, education and microcredit projects.

Brian found fame with coffee in 1970s and was dubbed by the press as the ‘Coffee King’ and the ‘Housewives Friend’ by bringing down prices and making good coffee affordable. He went on to revolutionise the way we buy wine with the introduction of New World wines through supermarkets with grape varietal labelling.

He later founded Percol Coffee. As well as being an early pioneer of Fairtrade with the first Fairtrade ground coffee he introduced new styles of packaging and changed perceptions and usage of ground and instant coffee with distinctive single origin and organic ranges by using wine growing and tasting methods as a reference point.


Brian’s objective has always been to introduce innovative and exciting products that help to make a difference to our daily lives. He hopes that FreshX ‘Spritz’will contribute towards saving our environment for the future of our children.