Want to know what makes FreshX Tissue Spritz so great and why it’s not only kind to your skin but kind to our planet too?

If so – this is our story and how we are making a difference.

Our Story

Every year an estimated ONE BILLION plus wet wipes are flushed down UK toilets which are clogging up our sewage systems and now reaching the food chain. Millions of microplastics are a constant problem flooding sewers, spoiling our beaches and destroying the delicate ecosystems in our rivers and oceans.

 Our Founder Brian Chapman an early pioneer of ‘Fairtrade’ and Chairman of ‘Good for Life Charity’ * and a keen environmentalist recognised that this growing problem was becoming ,for our small island, a potential environmental disaster and that a new, better, alternative to wet wipes was needed that had the benefits of being ‘Kind to our Planet’ as well as being ‘Kind to the Skin’ and ‘Kind on the pocket’ –  so in 2017 FreshX ‘Tissue Spritz’ was born, which when used with everyday toilet tissue creates an eco-friendly fresh wipe with Botanicals and Vitamins.Free from plastics and harmful chemicals FreshX Tissue Spritz delivers a better experience with the benefits of convenience and the performance of a wet wipe.

How freshx tissue spritz is different

Being kind to the planet are not just words for us so we back that up with environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging as well as considering our carbon footprint.


Botanicals & Vitamins

Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin

No Nasties:

Free from Alcohol, Parabens & Phenoxyethanol

Vegan Friendly

Recyclable cardboard packaging

PET1 plastic bottles – the easiest form of recyclability

Not tested on Animals

Made by UK based workers to help minimise our carbon footprint

So, there you have it, the story about who we are and how what we do is kind to you and our planet.
Kind to you | Kind to the Planet | Kind to your pocket


With FreshX Tissue Spritz, we wanted to find a way to create a wipe without using plastic and harmful chemicals and delivers the same results as a wet wipe while helping to reduce the estimated ONE BILLION wipes being flushed down UK toilets every year.

And we have.

Play your part in our story – switch to Spritz.

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"It’s disgraceful what we are doing to our seas"

Nicola Kirk Wythe

"Fresh-x works"

Vicky Beedham

"What a brilliant product to help. "

Cherry Lloyd

"Sounds ideal, especially when travelling. "

Diane Richard

"What a clever idea this spritz is! "

Julie Dillamore

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Save money, save the planet

The environmental impact of wet wipes, towels, cotton buds and other items being flushed down the loo is bigger than you might think.

It is estimated that over one billion wipes are flushed down UK toilets every year and during the Great British Beach Clean 2017, 27 wet wipes were found for every 100m of coastline – that’s one every five or six steps!

The Marine Conservation Society has alerted that plastics from these wipes are eaten by micro-organisms, which then get consumed by other sea animals and ultimately end up on our plates!

Flushing wipes and other products like ear buds, fats and grease can also create nasty ‘fatbergs’ which clog up pipes and sewers, costing millions to Water Companies and hundreds of pounds for families to clear in their homes.