Turns Tissue into a Wet Wipe

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Tissue Spritz – Variety Pack


“Until very recently I’ve guilty of using the moist toilet tissue wipes – despite the packaging saying they are flushable I was not aware of the massive impact they have. Since that day I have not used them so this product is a welcome one. I for one have become more aware of my plastic use and hope that others have too. “

Angela Jones

“Such a clever product!

Never heard of this product before but it’s a real toilet game changer! Goodbye expensive nasty wipes that clog up your sewer system and hello FreshX. This little bottle is now as essential as the toilet paper its used on

Yes, I recommend this product”

5 out of 5 stars written by Jonathan 10 March 2017

“I thought they dissolved had no idea they end up in the ocean! Why are companies allowed to sell products like this! I will be buying yours”

Deena Blennerhassett

“Sounds like a fabulous idea and solution to a serious problem. Simple but effective”

Lois Levy

“Such a great product! I thought the moist toilet tissues might be bad for the environment but never realised the true implication of their impact. This spritz perfectly creates a version just using your own bog roll. And it smells SUPER FRESH!

Yes, I recommend this product”

5 out of 5 stars by Matt Boyles 27 February 2017

It’s so portable …

You can take it to work.

In a hot office with no air-conditioning – keep a bottle in your drawer to stay fresh and clean.

You can take it on holidays abroad.

Wet wipes are a no-no on aeroplanes and cruise ships, not so with FreshX Tissue Spritz because our 100ml bottle is acceptable ‘carry-on’.

You can take it camping.

Whether you’re surviving in the wilderness or living it up ‘til 3 am at a festival, FreshX Tissue Spritz ensures you stay clean and fresh and makes a weekend in a tent a lot more pleasurable for all.

Kind To You. Kind To Our Planet

All it takes is two sprays onto a tissue and you’ve got a degradable fresh wipe that leaves you feeling clean.

FreshX Tissue Spritz cleans by lightly moisturising the tissue, helping it glide across your skin to leave you feeling fresh and confident.

And as FreshX Tissue Spritz is packed with natural botanicals, not only does it clean, soothe and hydrate your skin – but our recyclable bottle means less plastic ends up in our oceans and landfill.

When we say we love your skin and our planet, we mean it.