OFFering you A better experience with a clear conscience

According to the Marine Conservation Society in their 2015 September Beach Clean report, 'found nearly 50 wet wipes per km of coastline, a rise of 400% over the last decade.'

Water companies report that there are more than 360,000 sewer blockages throughout the UK every year, of which between 50% and 80% are caused by fats, oils & grease, wipes and other non flushable items. Those figures have resulted in about £88 million pounds being spent annually on clearing the blockages; costs that will ultimately be paid by higher customer bills. 

One small change to your shopping basket and bathroom habits will ultimately make a big change for the future of our environment. FreshX transforms normal toilet tissue into a smoothing, cleansing and refreshing wipe that is completely safe for our drainage and sewer system as well as the environment.