Fresh x Toilet tissue spritz #switchtospritz #sprtizyourbitz

Fresh x Toilet tissue spritz #switchtospritz #sprtizyourbitz


FreshX, the new environmentally friendly ‘Toilet Tissue Spritz’ transforms toilet tissue into a soothing, cleansing wipe. Safe and sensitive for all of the family FreshX Spritz has a unique skin loving formulation that includes botanicals and vitamins. Just a simple Spritz leaves you feeling fresh, clean and confident.

FreshX is a revolutionary new product with a mission to provide a better experience for flushable wipes users while overcoming the negative impact on the environment that they create. FreshX is as kind to the environment as they are to your most sensitive areas.

And it doesn’t stop there. FreshX strong eco credentials also come with big financial savings. Just one bottle of FreshX does the work of up to 300 wipes. Used together with toilet tissue the overall cost is a fraction of that of flushable wipes - saving you money.

So it is good double news for anyone who uses flushable wipes. Now you dispense with the constant guilt factor of ‘flushing away’ a product that is bad for the environment, and you can also enjoy the benefits of moisture and freshness for all of the family at a reasonable cost.

FreshX is great for all the family, including cleaning up after young children. The FreshX range includes:

Aloe Fresh (150ml) – with Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract known for its soothing properties plus the added benefits of vitamins E and B5.

Fragrance Free (150ml) – with Aloe Vera and White Tea extract known to promote healthy skin plus the added benefits of vitamins E and B5.

Dermatologist tested and approved for even the most sensitive skins.

Free from oil, sulphites, alcohol and parabens.