About US

Brian Chapman created Fresh X as a solution to the needless waste caused by flushable wipes. Outraged by the cost to local councils and the looming environmental disaster Brian had an idea. It was so simple he couldn't believe no one else was doing it. He innovated, created something that was kind to the environment but transformative, cleansing and soothing. Fresh X was born. 

Brian took the finished product to Sainsbury's who snapped it up in an instant. Amazon soon followed.

Brian is a passionate advocate of the environment. He is currently the Chairman of the Good For Life charity, which he founded, which beneifts healthcare, education and microcredit projects focusing on helping mothers and their children and bettering the lives of future generations in rural farming communities.

Brian founded Percol Coffee and as far back as the 1980s revolutionised the way we buy wine in the UK. He was a formative member of the Fairtrade Foundation holding their very first meetings in his own office. 

He has traveled all over the world in search of great products, and at the same time seeking to improve the lives of those farmers and their families, from whom we depend on for our daily cuppa.