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Plastic is everywhere, its durability, convenience and affordability makes life
easier but we’re careless with its disposal. Millions of microplastics flood our
sewers daily, spoiling beaches and destroying the delicate ecosystems of
our rivers and oceans.
Research shows that 90% of fatbergs and blockages are caused by the plastic
in wipes, even when they say they’re flushable.
That’s why we created FreshX Tissue Spritz® which gives you the cleansing power
of a fresh wipe without harming the environment, Simply fold a tissue and spray
with FreshX Tissue Spritz®, available in soothing Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil.
With just two sprays you’ve got a degradable fresh wipe free from harmful
microplastics! You can help make a difference – all you need to do is switch to spritz!

Kinder to you Kinder to the planet